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Transform what was only a dream,

into a fully produced online talk show. 



"I'll show you how to create your own show using my 30 years of experience in television and radio, and my proven DIY method."

                                    -Brian Kelsey


The only comprehensive course and community of it's kind dedicated specifically to starting your own online talk show.


People are

What Makes Me an Expert?

Brian Kelsey

My name is Brian Kelsey and since 1995 I've been creating content in and around New York City for media icons like Howard Stern, Martha Stewart, Ray Dalio, Peter Max, and so many more.  I hosted a show on NBC called 'Kelsey On The House', I hosted a nationwide daily 4 hour talk show on SIRIUSXM for Martha Stewart, you've seen me on the Today Show, HGTV, and Martha.  All of this experience was with one goal in mind:  to have my own successful talk show.  5 years ago I did just that, creating 'Ten Minutes With' completely on my own and the response has been overwhelming to say the least.  Simultaneously, I started a YouTube channel, dedicated to help those who want to create a show, just like I did.


It's Time For Your

- Introduction To Talk Shows & Defining Yours

- Planning & Pre-Production

- Setting Up Your Studio

- Show Production & Presentation

- Recording and Editing

- Distribution & Audience Engagement

- Monitization And Growth Strategies

It's Time To Take ACTION.

...and get a taste of what you'll learn in The Talk Show Transformation

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